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CEA worries DTV delay could cause a converter shortage


In one of what's sure to be many opinions on the now-inevitable DTV deadline shifting from later this month to June, CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro pledged support for a successful transition, including devoting part of an upcoming event to DTV education, but worries how the change may affect retailers and manufacturers. Since they had planned their reserves and resupplies around a transition this month, he apparently sees a scenario where we could have plenty of DTV converter coupons, and no boxes to buy. Honestly, we think he may be overestimating our initiative, since most (or at least the 39%+ that won't still switch this month anyway) unprepared will hit the snooze button until it becomes entirely mandatory, and the total number of homes that require a digital TV box isn't going to suddenly go up, so there should be plenty to go around, right?

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