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DCUO interview alludes to Aquaman issues

Shawn Schuster

In a recent interview with MTV Multiplayer, DC Universe Online's creative director, Jens Andersen, defends the seemingly "simple" powers of Aquaman, while stating that there are no water-based powers in the game at the moment. "Aquaman is a badass," Anderson made clear. "And he's really, really powerful. People don't give him credit because they think he just talks to fish but he's more than that." This sentiment is taken as far as having "Aquaman Wednesdays" at the SOE Austin studios where DCUO is being developed.

If Aquaman can't swim and speak with the fishies, then what good will he be in the game? "Well, Aquaman is a founding member of the [Justice League of America] and the JLA are a huge factor in our game," Anderson explained. "And so the JLA will be a broader roster than it was in its initial launch way back in the day, but it will also have the core members; so Aquaman will be included in that, for sure. And it will be the Aquaman, not the new Aquaman."

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