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Fido's shops start stocking BlackBerry Pearl 8100


Fido's BlackBerry 8100 has been rumored, caught in the wild, confirmed, and now we finally see it on the site and priced. First the price, apparently Fido really wants you on contract for 3 years, as it is $25, with 2 years hopping up to $350 -- as a side, on T-Mobile 2-years is $49, on AT&T, you could get a Bold or Curve for less -- and off contract cost is $400. On the service side, there's a $15 unlimited personal IM and email package, or 500MB for $25, 1GB for $30, or 3GB will ring in at $60. So if you're on Fido and have been dreaming of the day you'd be able to get on this bandwagon, go forth and spend.

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