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Little Island promises to craft you in creepy robot form


Looking for a surefire conversation piece or guaranteed nightmares for weeks on end? Then you may want to take up Little Island's offer to create a tiny, custom robot version of you, which can apparently even be used as a VoIP phone of sorts to freak out family members when you're away. Unfortunately, the "robot" doesn't appear to actually have many true robot abilities, although it does have a built-in camera to let you check out its surroundings via a connected computer, and it's apparently able to do a few basic tasks like read your RSS feeds or check the weather. The bot is also essentially just a plush PC itself (complete with a 500MHz Geode processor), so there's certainly plenty of opportunity to expand its capabilities for those so inclined. At over $2,000, however, it doesn't exactly come cheap, and you'll have to wait upwards of six weeks after sending in your picture to receive it.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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