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Namco drops Time Crisis Strike onto iPhone app store

We've harbored a secret love for the Time Crisis series since our initial exposure during the PS1 era, though we've always had our reservations about the use of the light gun peripheral. Why introduce such an unnecessary middleman into the equation? We want to end the lives of our seemingly cloned adversaries by simply laying our fingers upon them. We then want to proclaim to all passerbys, "These? These are the hands of the Angel of Death! Tremble, all, before our mighty digits!"

Said fantasy can now be realized in inappropriate social situations thanks to Namco, who dropped Time Crisis Strike onto the Apple App Store today. In addition to the "finger of death" mechanic mentioned above, players can also tilt the handheld in order to dodge the enemy's gigantic, molasses-slow bullets. For just $5.99 -- a pittance, really -- you can imbue your hand's extremities with devastating power.

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