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One Page of Apps: 16 random reviews part 2


[Note: all links to apps go to the App Store]

Lemonade - $.99
If you played Lemonade Stand on the Apple II, you're familiar with this game. I took screenshots of the "retro" interface, but there are updated (and nicely done) graphics as well. Long before "Dope Wars" many of us were dutifully checking the weather, making our lemonade and hoping for a construction crew to wander by and wipe out our inventory. This app brings back everything you remember about this simple selling game (even the audio), and it's a lot of fun to this day.

Find Your Mind - $1.99
This is a memory game with great graphics, a time limit, some good music and a few surprises. In the end, it is just a fancy version of Memory -- but the design and interaction is more compelling than all the other, similar games I've seen on the store so far. As in Memory, you must find matches by turning over cards. Perhaps I'm a sucker for the retro feel, but I thought the gameplay was nicely balanced and everything about the app made sense and flowed well. The time limit isn't obtrusive, the animation is slight but effective and there's actually a bit of story and leveling to be had. Pretty thorough for such a simple game.

Fnorder - free
From legendary game designer Steve Jackson, Fnorder is a hilarious send up of Magic 8-Ball-style apps. Featuring graphics familiar to anyone who has read Principia DIscoridia or played the Illuminati card game, Fnorder features a bunch of funny sayings in easy to tap format. There are a few wallpapers included as well. Simple, but funny. I still want an iPhone version of Munchkin, however. This app might be better with more options or a "shake to reveal" gimmick, but as it is it's pretty funny.

Clinometer - $.99
When the store opened, it quickly filled with apps of a certain stripe. One stripe: spirit levels. Perhaps because one of the sample apps you could download was a bubble level app? Since then I've kept Clinometer on my iPhone because it is simple, well-designed and serves two purposes: a level and a proper clinometer. The app has few preferences, but what you can set makes perfect sense. A great, lightweight and surprisingly useful app.

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