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Ready At Dawn's next game is an 'Xbox 360 / PS3 original title' [Update: Didier responds!]

Jem Alexander

John Enricco, a lighting artist at Ready At Dawn, has updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect the fact that the company is now working on an original title for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Yeah, multiplatform. Many were expecting Ready At Dawn's first current-generation title to be a PS3 exclusive, considering its relationship with Sony during PSP development. According to Ready At Dawn's website, this is just one of two projects currently being worked on.

The fact that it's an "original title" also indicates that this is a new IP, marking the first time the studio has designed its own game from scratch. Judging from the quality of Ready At Dawn's PSP titles (Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus), we're expecting technically great things from this new project. As for whether the game's premise is any good, we have nothing to base our expectations on. One thing's for sure, though; we can't wait to sink our teeth into more details.

[Update: We reached out to Didier Malenfant, co-founder of Ready At Dawn, who told us: "We are working on two projects at this time, codenamed R6 and R8, but haven't officially announced platforms, genres or publishers for that matter. The third version of our engine is up and running on all current-gen platforms and looks awesome while version 2.0 is still arguably the best tech around on PSP so we've got all our bases covered. Oh and by the way, we're hiring :) ]

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