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Samsung milks F480 a little longer with Rockstar and La Fleur models

Darren Murph

Seriously Samsung -- you should know what happens when a company settles for churning out modified versions of the same thing for too long. If not, just ping whomever is left at Motorola's mobile division. Bad slams aside, the longstanding F480 is seeing yet another makeover (two, in fact), with the P!nk-inspired Rockstar version destined for Germany and the flora-inspired (and currently unpriced) La Fleur slated for a Russian release. As expected, nothing too great is changing except for the externals, though the Rockstar model does come loaded with P!nk tracks and a 1GB memory card. Oh, and considering the quoted €499 ($640) asking price for the Rockstar, we'd say P!nk better be seeing some serious royalties.

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