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Sony calmly responds to Microsoft / Netflix streaming gains


Good thing we didn't think Sony PR was sweating the Microsoft / Netflix joint announcement about cracking 1 million Xbox Live / Watch Instantly users, because we might misinterpret this press release as a sign of desperation. We might just be confused enough to think reinterpreting a lack of access to services and options as a money saving bullet point was questionable, or that pooh poohing video streaming, and then touting the ability to stream online content in consecutive bullet points was a somewhat curious strategy. We'll stop the sarcasm now, mentioning our incredibly slow firmware updates in the face of a cited "study" proving faster PSN download times or pointing out our issues with the PlayStation Video Store would likely be going too far. Check the read link and let the straight-laced fellows over at Joystiq (also to thank for the Quincying picture at right) bring you unfettered, intelligent analysis of these points.

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