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Variety: Konami wants to play a game, picks up Saw rights


Variety's sources are claiming that Konami has picked up the rights from Lionsgate to publish games based on the Saw movies. The publisher allegedly nabbed the rights following the closure of previous rights owner Brash Entertainment. Licensed game aficionados -- there have to be some of you out there -- will be thrilled to learn that Konami plans to release its first Saw title in time for the release of the next film, which is ... let's see ... Saw VI. The game will be developed by Zombie Studios, best known for its work on Super Bubble Pop America's Army.

Apparently, Lionsgate had considered developing the game internally -- which would have been the first time the company had attempted game development -- but eventually decided to license the property to an experienced publisher instead. Probably a good idea. The game will reportedly be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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