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'We simply have to suffer a little,' says Sony Europe's Reeves

Jem Alexander

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's president, David Reeves, has spoken frankly in an interview with UK newspaper The Guardian regarding the current state of the industry and Sony's place within it. Commenting on Sony's third-quarter losses, Reeves says that "we simply have to suffer a little, go down in market share and mind-share. We're still standing, we're still profitable and there's a lot of fight in us." Reeves' humility makes a refreshing change from other Sony representatives.

Reeves goes on to say that the company's PS3 sales forecast is still 10 million by March and clarifies why there was no PS3 price cut this year. "My objective is financial - to make a profit in our territory by the end of March, and we will. If we'd cut the price, lost another billion dollars, we might have had a huge Christmas but it would have been followed by a huge loss." Claiming that Sony has learned things from both Nintendo and Microsoft this generation, he feels "we should celebrate the industry and how we've collectively grown it beyond all recognition." There's not a hint of any "console war" mentality to be found.

Reeves also confirms that 45nm Cell chips will replace the 65nm versions currently inside the PS3, "probably in middle of year," and that downloadable movies will be available in PAL territories later this year. Both will increase profits for Sony and the former may even pave the way for a price cut later in the year. Here's hoping.

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