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Mythic talks Warhammer Online's Land of the Dead


Last week, Mythic unleashed info regarding several "live events" for its MMO, Warhammer Online. One of these live events is titled Land of the Dead, a zone that features new public quests, instances, items and a pyramid housing the Tomb King (the dungeon's focal point). With the event set for a June release, we'd thought Mythic told us everything it possibly could about the upcoming expansion. Well, not the case, as Jeff Hickman and creative director Paul Barnett revealed some new details to the folks at Eurogamer.

We now know that the Land of the Dead will include content from level 25 onto endgame raiding and that the "Land" mentioned in the title is a place where the Order and Destruction factions constantly wage war. Once in, players can find themselves under attack by a rival faction at any time, even when in an instance. Jeff explains that the Land of the Dead will include two areas: The Necropolis and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, and that since it's RVR-gated, each faction must fight for ownership of the dungeon. He fully expects the dungeon "to change hands nightly," so if you're in there raiding and a different faction gains ownership, you could suddenly find yourself under attack. This place isn't for rookies, however, as Jeff emphasizes this really is for levels 25 and up and "designed to supplement our end game content after Lost Vale."

Before the zone is opened to the public in June, Mythic will hold a race allowing one of the factions early access to the zone for a short while before release.

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