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New 3D software tracks peoples' location in buildings


It's not exactly the level of technology that'll cause Lucius Fox to storm out of a room, but this new so-called BEAM 3D mapping software developed by a pair of students from the Engineering College of Aarhus is still pretty impressive, and could be of real use to firefighters and others in an emergency. While complete details are a bit light, the software is apparently intended to be paired with a 3D sensor of some sort that's carried through a building by a firefighter or other individual, which relays information back to a handheld device that pinpoints the person's location. The downside, and a fairly big one at that, is that it only works if there's 3D plans of the building pre-loaded on the handheld. No word on a commercial version just yet, but the students did receive a bit of help from software firm Systematic, which is apparently "extremely pleased" with their efforts.

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