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Nokia's E63 NAM now on sale at Chicago flagship store

Darren Murph

So when Nokia said "in the coming weeks" at CES, we definitely expected the North American E63 to be available in the US before now. But hey, if you've hung in there this long, there's nothing sweeter than snagging a device you've been longing after for longer than originally anticipated. According to Symbian-Guru, the Chicago flagship location has received stock of the blue model, while the red flavor should be arriving at any moment; there's been no direct word on stock at the New York location, but we can't imagine the Nokia mother-ship leaving those in the Big Apple hanging. In case you've forgotten, $279.99 buys you a QWERTY-packin' S60 handset, though you should be absolutely sure you're okay without HSDPA.

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