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NYCC 09: Original Splatterhouse included in reboot


"Everybody wants that," exclaimed Splatterhouse co-producer Mark Brown, responding to a question about the original 1988 beat-em-up's inclusion in the forthcoming franchise reboot. "In one form, we're gonna deliver on it," concluded Brown, who was joined by writer Gordon Rennie in a design panel at New York Comic Con today.

Brown, who is producing the new Splatterhouse alongside Dan Tovar, called the original, the "crown jewel of the [Namco] back catalog," and confirmed the plan to bundle the classic arcade game (also ported to Turbografx-16 -- and now on Virtual Console) as an extra in the new game, perhaps as a "premium edition" bonus.

Splatterhouse is due out "later this year" -- Namco Bandai is targeting Q3 2009. The official game site has just gone live with a new trailer and screens. On a side note: Splatterhouse appears to be the first game to allow players to use their own severed limbs as weapons ... once their bloody stumps regenerate into new arms. Confirmed.

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