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Sony's NWZ-X1000 gets handled in French


After proving a bit of a white whale at CES, Sony's new touchscreen Walkman NWZ-X1000 hasn't been easy to come by. After Stuff's general overview video hands-on, we've been waiting for some hard-hitting impressions, which Le Journal du Geek has finally provided, in French. Granted, they're playing with a non-complete prototype, so we'd have to take these impressions with a grain of salt either way. From what we can tell, they're certainly feeling the device aesthetically, and figure it's totally usable one-handed. The OLED screen is great, the incomplete interface is so far familiar and the capacitive touch has an "impressive response," perhaps even better than the iPod touch. The browser didn't get such rave reviews, but overall they found it to be in their "top five" players, with great audio quality. So at least somebody likes this thing, we'll hopefully have some more concrete impressions of our own to add as this thing approaches release in the coming months.

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