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The Sims 3 coming to Mac and iPhone Summer 2009


The Sims 3 is the latest iteration of the best-selling computer game in history -- it features the ability to custom-make and create your Sims and their surroundings, and explore the neighborhoods and cities that they live in. But even more strangely, it's set for an almost simultaneous release on PC, Mac, the iPhone and the iPod touch. The popularity of iPhone apps may have done what Mac gamers couldn't do for years: convince developers that releasing their games simultaneously on Mac and PC was worth it. While EA only has a release date for the PC version so far (June 2), the company is saying that Mac, iPhone and the iPod touch versions will be out in "Summer of 2009," which is much better than, say, years later.

Of course, we'll have to believe it when we see it -- EA uses Transgaming for their Mac ports, and they've left a little bit to be desired so far. But just the fact that they plan an almost concurrent release for the sequel to one of the biggest games of all time bodes very well. The Sims 3 probably won't make too many waves in the hardcore PC gaming set, but anytime a major publisher plans a simultaneous release for a big title, we definitely give a nod of approval.

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