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MacHeist 3 begins


Everyone's favorite app bundle/puzzle game, AKA MacHeist, is back! MacHeist, now in its third year, combines a pre-bundle game, where users solve puzzles to unlock free apps and bundle discounts, and an actual bundle of apps, which go on sale at the end of the "heist."

MacHeist is a fun way to waste some time and get some free apps by solving puzzles (or you can just read the forums and cheat) and the app bundle is generally a pretty good deal (assuming you don't already have the included software -- if you do, you can gift the licenses to the switcher in your life). You can view the first mission by logging into your MacHeist account; if you participated in the Mac Giving Tree promo you already have one, but new users can signup at the main page.

Happy heisting! You can read our previous MH coverage here.

(Also, a personal shout-out from me to MacHeist's new video host Lisa B -- even with the cheesy accent, she's still the best.)

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