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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending February 1st, 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

Who knew that Blu-ray fans were so desperate to get their hands on The Bourne Trilogy? We sure didn't, but either way Universal has to be happy. The real news this week though is that neither Sony or Warner could be too pleased with the performance of Lakeview Terrace or Pride and Glory on Blu-ray -- at least according to the Nielsen VideoScan data courtesy of Home Media Magazine. At the same time it's funny to us to think that a Blu-ray disc managing 17 or even 9 percent away from DVD could be a bad thing in an economy like this. Speaking of which, HMM has something a little new for us. It is a graph that charts the sales of physical media against itself last year and we find it interesting how similar the graphs are, but as expected, things are slower this year. Because although Blu-ray revenue was up over 61 percent this year over last, it was only enough to make up 4 of the 24 percent drop in DVD over the same period. The immediate future is going to much of the same, as Hollywood almost never releases its blockbusters in the spring. But that being said, Blu-ray does seem to be holding its own, but needs to do a little better in order to do its job of making up for slowing DVD sales. More charts over the break, including the top 20, BD title share and top 20 DVDs.

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