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Breakfast Topic: Sunday best

Zach Yonzon

Our guild recently had a picture taking, or more accurately, a screenshot-taking session for a local gaming magazine. Everybody came dressed to the nines, although what that meant exactly is different for every player. Some players donned their Lunar Festival chongsams, others put on their Tier 7s, while others still whipped out legacy outfits such as their Warlord's Raiment or the Death Knight's full armor from their starting area. We drew the line on one officer who wanted to show up in his skivvies and Mirror Image activated. We didn't want a naked troll showing up on the pages of a magazine, much less three four.

When Love is in the Air in a few days, I'm going to dust off my tuxedo set and take some cheesy screenshots with my wife's character in a sexy black dress. One of our big kahunas, Liz Harper, is taking advantage of Level 80 to complete her full Judgement set. It's still one of the coolest armor sets in the game, I think. I mean, even one of the Top 10 players out of millions seems to think so. It made me think about what clothes we wear to look our best. None of us enjoy looking like a clown, right? I'm sure we keep some outfits stashed away in our ever-filling bank. What do you whip out when you're asked to wear your Sunday best? That Admiral's Hat, maybe? Or Blue Overalls and a pitchfork for that farmer look?

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