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International HD news roundup

Darren Murph

'Round here, we can't help but notice just how much HD expansion is going on overseas. There's so much, in fact, that we've been forced to gather all of the international high-def news for the week and compile right here for easy digestion. If we glossed over a happening in your nation, feel free to blast it out in comments below. And yes, in your native tongue is totally fine.

Read - Belgian platforms to add MTV HD
Read - Sky celebrates its 20th birthday
Read - On demand at "core" of new Sky plans
Read - UPC boosts Romanian offer
Read - GUdTV offers 20 sports channels
Read - IPTV in Asia still at fledgling stage
Read - Euro HD to triple in five years
Read - 2400% increase in Mid-East HDTV
Read - Sky claims 3DTV could be launched within two years
Read - Freeview EPG won't be compatible with current TVs
Read - Sky TV's "great problem"
Read - CTV Goes High Definition in Calgary

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