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NYCC 09: 38 Studios panel

Majed Athab

Despite officially labeling Saturday's discussion with the subtitle "How I Learned to Talk on Panels Without Saying Anything," 38 Studios actually ended up sharing a little bit about their MMO project Copernicus. Thom Ang, director of art, said to expect the final look of Copernicus' world to adhere closely to the previously shown concept artwork. He said that, unlike typical production structures, concept artists at 38 Studios are doing all the artwork – from initial sketches to modeling the environments. This ensures the artistic vision is maintained throughout.

Other than that, there's no news on Copernicus to speak of. The panelists mostly talked about the studio itself. So for those who are interested, 38 spoke about how they've grown to become a 60+ member team, and that they're surviving the tundra of Maynard, MA on a diet of gamer cakes and pastries. Hopefully the next time 38 holds a session, we'll finally get some deets on this uber-mysterious MMO.

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