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Pandemic Legion crowned EVE Alliance Tournament VI champions

James Egan

The final rounds of EVE Online's annual PvP tournament concluded today, with some heated matches between the game's top performing teams in Alliance Tournament VI. In the end, it was Pandemic Legion who took the crown, having bested some of the game's top PvP pilots and defeating R.U.R. alliance in a tense final match.

While the real prize is the earned right to call themselves the game's best combat pilots, Pandemic Legion reaps other rewards: a tournament cup, gold medals for the tournament pilots, and 60 PLEX which are essentially in-game certificates that can provide the champions with a whopping (collective) 8 years of game time. In addition, Pandemic Legion will be the first alliance ever to receive a permanent in-game monument dedicated to their victory.

Massively extends its congratulations to Pandemic Legion along with the rest of the EVE playerbase, and props to all the other alliances that competed in EVE Online Alliance Tournament VI. It was an impressive showing, and the bar is certainly raised for next year's competitors.

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