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Cocktail 4.3 Leopard edition released


It's Cocktail time yet again -- the intrepid folks at Maintain are updating the Leopard version to 4.3, and bringing more utility than ever to the already extremely popular and versatile Unix function and OS X tweaking app. The new version adds the ability to clear harmful files off the system (including some nasty trojans), lets you clear out the CrashReporter and HungReporter logs, and fixes a few QuickTime compatbility issues as well.

The update is highly recommended for all users of the Leopard Edition, and available right now from Maintain's website. If you haven't yet taken the plunge on getting access to all of the weird and wonderful Unix widgets running inside your computer -- everything from cron jobs and maintenance tasks to network optimization -- the app itself is available for a single-user license fee of $14.95. Considering all of the things this app does (not to mention how often they update), that's a bargain.

For those elite geeks who feel like going free of charge and foregoing the pleasant interface to the UNIX underpinnings of Mac OS X, you can accomplish some of the same maintenance and cleanup tasks with CLIX.

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