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EEDAR predicts January hardware sales up 58% over last year


Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has released its 'preview' of January game hardware and software sales -- basically, what it expects the January NPD results to be, based on market analysis. Overall, EEDAR expects hardware sales to be up 58% for January 2009 over January 2008.

This jump in sales is mostly accounted for by their prediction of 740,000 Wiis sold in January, versus 274,000 in January 2008. EEDAR expects all of the current systems to reflect increased sales except the PS3, which they estimate will drop 21.93% versus last January. In terms of software, the big winner is predicted to be Wii Fit, whose predicted sales of 700,000 units would be a record for January sales of a single game.

These numbers are basically the group's best guess, and analyst Jesse Divnich made note of the fact that it has exceptional difficulty accurately estimating Wii sales: "The Nintendo Wii simply doesn't comply with the EEDAR's sales projection systems. The total amount of Nintendo Wiis sold every month has a direct correlation to the supply available in the channel."

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