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Explay Colibri pico projector promises 70-inch images at SVGA resolution


Explay has been one of the early proponents of pico projectors, and it looks like the company is not showing any signs of abandoning the form anytime soon, with it now set to officially introduce its new, even smaller Colibri model at Mobile World Congress next week. This one measures a mere 24 x 28.6 x 7mm, and can apparently pump out a 70-inch image at VGA, WVGA or SVGA resolution, all while drawing just 1.5W of power, which Explay says makes it the smallest, most efficient, and highest resolution pico projector on the market today. Unfortunately, the company doesn't seem have anything to say about the project actually finding its way into a phone or other device, though perhaps it's saving a little something for MWC.

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