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FusionFall developers hint at Wii, iPhone possibilities


Do you wake up in the morning and think that you need more Dexter in your life? Maybe more Ben 10? Megas XLR? We wish we had more Megas, but that's an article for another day.

What we do know is that Matt Schwartz, content designer and writer, and Chris Waldron, executive producer of FusionFall, have hinted at their game possibly moving onwards to both the iPhone and Wii. The Unity engine that FusionFall was created on can also support both the iPhone and Wii as well. While they don't want to announce anything officially, Schwartz mentioned that their tech director did have a mockup with avatars running around on the iPhone, so it is a possibility.

For the full interview, drop by MTV Multiplayer and check out their conversation.

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