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GTA Chinatown Wars features Wi-Fi connection, but offline multiplayer


There appears to be some confusion over what multiplayer options will be included in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The DS game will feature support for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but the connectivity does not expand to multiplayer.

Instead, multiplayer is limited to local system play. A flyer from New York Comic Con (via GoNintendo) shows the game will include competitive and cooperative modes -- although no other details were revealed.

While Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection won't be used for multiplayer, it will allow players to communicate and interact with their friends. For example, you'll be able to share favorite locations, chat live through in-game instant messaging, and trade in-game items. Stats can also be uploaded to Rockstar's Social Club site. Through the Social Club, Rockstar is promising "special contests, events, and promotions," although what those will entail is still unclear at this moment.

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