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HDMI saturates HDTVs, moving onto PMPs, STBs, etc.

Darren Murph

We already heard late last year that HDMI adoption was on the rise, and now a new report from In-Stat asserts that the famed port is just about ready to take other areas of consumer electronics by storm. With HDMI adoption reaching nearly 100 percent in HDTVs, it's expected that 85 percent of IPTV set-top-boxes will have an HDMI port by 2012, while 10 percent of portable media players can say the same in just under three years. Also of note, HDMI-enabled product shipments are expected to increase overall at an annual rate of 23 percent up until 2012, while DVI-enabled shipments are forecast to decline at an annual rate of 30 percent through the same year. Ah, the unavoidable passing of the torch, so to speak.

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