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Korean game industry should be more like Nintendo, says president

Majed Athab

"A lot of our elementary school children have Nintendo [DS]. Why can't our companies develop products like that?" These were the words of South Korean president Lee Myung-bak during his visit to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Lee wants to bolster the Korean game industry to rival the success of Nintendo, but local game companies agree that stagnant software support in Korea won't see that happening anytime soon.

It's for that very same reason that GamePark Holdings' GP2X (a Korean-made handheld system which relies on homebrew) isn't exactly flying off the shelves. Without any sort of big-name software like Mario or Zelda included, Mr. Lee's dream won't come true. This is a sentiment shared by Korean developers in every sector from mobile gaming to internet-based and PC software. If the Korean government could find a way of supporting the software industry better, helping out developers like Pentavision and NCsoft, then maybe Korea might get the ball rolling.

[Via Game Daily]

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