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Panasonic sets out to bring "3D Full HD" to Blu-ray by 2010


Panasonic was already well on board the 3D bandwagon when we caught up with them at CES, and it looks like the company is now set to really blow things out, with it today announcing the opening of a new 3D authoring laboratory at its Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in California. That, it says, will help it bring so-called "3D Full HD" to Blu-ray by 2010, and it'll apparently be working directly with various studios to ensure that 3D FHD (as the company seems to be calling it) becomes an actual standard of some sort for high-def 3D. In terms of actual products, it looks we could be seeing some of the systems that were on display at CES, including a Plasma 3D Full HD home theater system, as well as a 3D-ready digital projector with a 380-inch screen, although that is apparently intended solely 3D FHD picture evaluation at the lab. Let's all just hope they offer tours.

[Via About Projectors]

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