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Take on the Covenant with your own replica Brute Spiker

Dustin Burg

Up for auction on eBay at a starting price of just $275, is a custom made, expertly detailed and almost deadly replica of a Halo 3 Brute Spiker. It's being made available just in case someone has to exterminate Covenant forces on the home turf.

The quality of the Spiker looks to be on par with the props WETA creates, seeing that it's cast in urethane plastic, uses real leather, boasts shiny LED lights, features a worn paint job and has shaped aluminum blades that are "pointy but not sharp." Even though we prefer sharp objects and think Halo's "can opener" (aka the Brute Mauler) would be more fun to wield, the Spiker can dish out pain and is almost worth the requested cha-ching.


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