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Tiny Miseal cube projector can dock with equally tiny speakers


It may not technically qualify as a pico projector, but this new so-called Miseal projector available from Thanko is certainly at least somewhat pico-ish, and fairly unique as far as tiny projectors go. The stand-out feature, as you can see above, is an included speaker dock (2W, if you must know), which also includes a headphone jack and a line-out port in case you're looking for a bit more wattage. As for the projector itself, you can expect to get an adequate SVGA resolution, plus a whopping 25 nits of brightness, a 100:1 contrast ratio, and an image up to 112 inches in size from a 16 foot distance. No word on a release 'round here, but those in Japan (or those willing to pay the necessary import-related costs) can grab one now for ¥39,800, or roughly $435.

[Via SlashGear]

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