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Video: HP's MIE Linux distro runs just fine on Acer's Aspire One

Tim Stevens

Just last Friday HP finally released the installer for MIE, its clever and clean version of Ubuntu, and, though we warned about running it on anything but a Mini 1000, Dan from Dan's Web threw caution (and whatever was currently installed on his netbook) to the wind and tried it on an Aspire One. Straight out of the box the OS and UI overlay seem to work quite well, as shown on the video below, missing only an audio driver but having WiFi and even Bluetooth. He suspects things will function just as well on other netbooks (since there's so much hardware overlap between them), but as always your compatibility may vary. To get in on the action you'll need the 900KB installer from HP, the 900MB image the installer will download, and a 2GB thumb drive to boot. If you have the necessary bytes, bits, and bravado, be our guest and let us know how it goes.

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