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Wolfenstein 3D comes to Sega 32X at long last in homebrew form

Darren Murph

While some of you meanies nominated Sega's 32X (or Genesis 32X for the North Americans) as the worst gadget flop of all time, we know there's still a dedicated following out there somewhere who will be completely elated to hear of this. The tremendously skillful JLF65 has delivered homebrew to one of Sega's most quickly forgotten console attachments of all time, and what better to showcase your work than to port over the heralded Wolfenstein 3D? Sadly, there's still no audio in the latest alpha, but rest assured that addition and many, many more are just around the bend. Hit the read link for more details, and best of luck locating your 32X underneath all those other dust-filled boxes in the attic.

[Thanks, Craig]

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