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Dante's Inferno preview reveals God of War style gameplay

Jem Alexander

The latest issue of British magazine PSM3 has a ten-page preview of EA's upcoming hell-em-up Dante's Inferno, which it calls "Dead Space meets God Of War in hell." CVG has pulled some interesting tidbits from the article, including a claim that "button-for-button the controls are identical to [God of War's]."

In fact, Dante's Inferno sounds very similar to God of War in many ways. Health and mana orbs are dropped when enemies die and are also found in chests, which are "opened by holding Circle." The game also features QTEs and combos utilizing the protagonist's light and heavy attacks. Apparently, it's the subject matter that sets Dante's Inferno apart from God of War. It is "altogether more unpleasant," where "twisted creatures burst from doorways, lava spews from inverted crosses and bottomless fiery pits yawn deep beneath your feet."

If God of War III doesn't make it out this year, Dante's Inferno may be just the thing to tide action fans over. If GoW III does make it out in '09, however ... well, we're not expecting Dante to beat Kratos at his own game, are we? Check out the latest issue of PSM3 for the full preview.

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