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Death Tank, Minesweeper, Cellfactor spotted on, releasing soon?


GamerBytes reports that several upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games now have either an splash page or forum. Specifically, Death Tank now has its own page on complete with screens and a trailer (this one, if your curious). Additionally, both Minesweeper Flags and the first person shooter Cellfactor now have their own forums on (though not their own individual pages). While it's not definite at this point, a game showing up on is generally an indication that it will be released in the near future. We're not sure about Minesweeper Flags, but both Cellfactor and Death Tank definitely have us intrigued, so here's hoping we see them sooner rather than later.

Source -- - Death Tank page
Source -- - Minesweeper Flags forum
Source -- - Cellfactor forum

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