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Sega re-registers trademarks for Rez, 18 Wheeler

Depending on what half of the information we're about to report appeals to you, be prepared to launch your trance vibrators or cans of Skoal high into the air in a fit of glee. Sega recently saved two franchises from the trademark trash compactor, effectively renewing its claim on future installments in the Rez and 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker series -- two staples in anyone's daily Dreamcast diet.

Try and contain some of your ecstasy/caffeine pill-fueled exuberance -- remember, re-registering a trademark isn't the same as announcing an actual game, so don't start designing your countdown page quite yet. Still, it does mean that Sega thinks these two stones have some blood left in them. Delicious, trance-inducing/cargo-hauling blood.

Source - Rez trademark
Source - 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker trademark

[Via Sega Nerds]

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