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T-Mobile and Meru Networks bring UMA to enterprise space

Darren Murph

T-Mobile customers have been enjoying the WiFi-based spoils of UMA for quite some time, but HotSpot @Home isn't, well, HotSpot @Work. Now, however, those same luxuries are coming to the enterprise space courtesy of a partnership with Meru Networks. The two have teamed to bring fixed-mobile convergence to corporate campuses, enabling T-Mob users to switch seamlessly between cell towers and wireless access points while on "official business." Due to T-Mobile's decision to join Meru's WINS (Wireless Interoperability and Network Solutions) Partner Program, firms who take advantage can expect uninterrupted calls by all employees as they roam around -- which is pretty important when trying to close that next billion dollar deal. Of course, there's no telling what small fortune will be required to hook a corporation up with this, but hey, it's not like companies are being forced to watch their spending these days, right?

[Via phonescoop]

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