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The Guild gets down in episode 11 of season 2

Mike Schramm

It's throw down time around The Guild this week, in the second to last episode of the second season. Codex gets it on in a back room at the party, and Bladezz gets screwed (though not quite in the way that he'd hoped). Zaboo finally gets a chance to show how much of a man he's become, with a little support from the rest of the guys. And things are set right up for the season finale next week. The show's available on MSN and Xbox Live right now, so go check it out.

In other guild news, there's now an official podcast for the show, run by two of the folks behind the scenes on the video shoots. And the official site has also posted a list of all the Guildies on Twitter, so you can stalk follow anyone you like. Oh, and as long as you're on Twitter, don't forget to follow stalk us, too.

Season finale next week -- should be good.

EDIT: Podcast link working now.

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