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Welcome the Hello Kitty Xbox 360 into your heart

Dustin Burg

Cute, isn't it? If you're like us, your heart just melted at the sight of this too pink, too starry and too darn adorable custom Hello Kitty Xbox 360. Artistically crafted by deviantART'ist ricepuppet of Domo Xbox 360 fame, this Hello Kitty 360 represents an adorable effort to lure Japanese gamers into its friendly gaming space ... almost as if it were part of some sort of Microsoft-concocted plan to increase Japanese console sales. That isn't true, but we're sure Hello Kitty wouldn't hurt the company's efforts in Japan.

You can view this and other Xbox 360 artwork (including Sonic, Halo Wars and Chocobo themes) over at ricepuppet's deviantART page.

[Via Engadget]

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