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Alcatel assembling a Lego (or Lego-esque) phone?

Chris Ziegler

Can you guess what Alcatel's trying to do with this one? Yeah, Lego's products are some of the most recognizable in the world -- and while we can't tell if there's any official Lego brand tie-in here, we certainly wouldn't be surprised if there was in light of Lego's recent foray into the bleeding-edge frontier of consumer electronics. What we're looking at seems to be a render of a device Alcatel hopes to introduce in 2009, borrowing heavily from Denmark's favorite export to provide snap-on faceplates sure to bring a smile to any 6-year-old's face. We don't have any information beyond the screen cap, but there's no compelling reason to believe it's not real -- other than the fact that Legos don't make for the best phone ergonomics, we suppose. Theme devices like this tend to be more Modelabs' territory, but that's not to say Alcatel isn't perfectly capable of pulling this off, either. Next up: a Duplo-based DynaTAC, perhaps?

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