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Atlus draws us into the dungeon with free Dark Spire soundtrack disc


Not only does Atlus love announcing DS games, it has developed an appreciation for putting those DS games in fancy boxes with soundtrack CDs, and we cannot say that we are displeased with this development. Add the recent delays, and Atlus is on their way to being the reincarnation of Working Designs!

The latest game to get the deluxe treatment is Success's breathtakingly beautiful, punishingly old-school dungeon RPG The Dark Spire. Like Super Robot Taisen OG Endless Frontier and Legacy of Ys, The Dark Spire will be a boxed edition with a bundled soundtrack. The disc will include 24 tracks, pulled from both the "modern" and "classic" modes of the game. Samples of the synth-heavy soundtrack are available at the official site!

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