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Fallen Earth Valentine's Day cards offer closed beta keys

Shawn Schuster

Have a special someone in your life this Valentine's Day who just isn't into the conventional pink candy hearts, stuffed animals and chocolates? Someone who would enjoy some good old-fashioned post-apocalyptic humor above all else? Well you're in luck because the folks at Fallen Earth have created a Valentine's Day card creator themed for their upcoming MMO.

Simply head on over to their forums and fill out the simple form. You'll need to be registered on their forums first, but it will all be worth it when the love of your life reads those special words, "Love means never having to say 'That's Gross'." In addition to the lovely sentiment, one in ten cards will be chosen for the closed beta program, and any forum member who sends ten or more valentines will receive a special "SuperFan" forum award. Feel free to send away as many as you like, but only one per recipient.

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