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Gigabyte to debut GSmart S1200 WinMo phone and more at MWC


Gigabyte is understandably saving most of the details for its official announcement at Mobile World Congress, but the company has let out word that it'll be introducing three new series of phones at the big show, which it says fall under the Multimedia, Business, and Style categories. The former of those will apparently include the MS820, which made a brief appearance last year, as well as an all new model with "higher specifications." Gigabyte is even less specific about its new business offering, with it only saying that it'll be "something very different to what they have before," but it does thankfully have quite a bit to say about the GSmart S1200, which fills out the company's style quotient. As you can see above, this one's a touchscreen phone, and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 with a new Gigabyte-developed interface atop it dubbed Smart Zone. At 0.43-inches, the phone is also reasonably slim, and it doesn't look to be too underpowered with a 528MHz Qualcomm 7200A processor under the hood. More details as we get 'em.

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