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Guildwatch: The Armory never lies

Mike Schramm

Ninjas and /gquitters beware: the Armory knows. It knows what achievements you've gotten and when, it knows what your gear is, and it knows what kind of raiding you've done and which reputations you've leveled. You can say anything you want on the forums: that you're an experienced raider, or that you've never even been in an OS raid, much less ninja'd gear from one, but the Armory will call you out, every time.

That drama and more in this week's Guildwatch, our weekly collection of guild updates from around the realms. To tell us your guild's story (or send us a great bit of drama you've seen elsewhere), just drop a note to This week's GW starts right after the cut.


  • Ninja alert: Egami went through Heroic CoS timed with a group, got the extra boss, and then switched looting to master right before the fight. Apparently he said he really needed the loot, but they'd agreed beforehand that everyone would roll.
  • A former guildie of Arcanum on Malygos seems a little confused -- he suggests that someone from the guild may have hacked him (he got hacked twice), and that the guildies may have even kicked someone else just for speaking up for him. But even after another guildie basically sets the record straight (the guy who was "kicked" left on his own, and likely had nothing to do with the OP), he persists in being just a little angry. We wouldn't really make the conclusion on this one be "stay away from the guild." More like "stay away from the guildie."
  • This one's weird -- Erona is trying to recruit for his guild Crysis on Draka, until, on page 2, his former guildies in Possessed show up with links to an invite he posted on their forums (unfortunately behind a password) around the same time. In other words, he was trying to drum up a guild of his own while also attempting to get into Possessed. In fact, we should say "get back into" Possessed, because that was actually his third app -- he'd applied once and been accepted, left his original guild Order of Illuminatus, and then a day later apped back to OI, and then tried to get back into Possessed again. Pick a guild already?
  • When people talk about what a cesspool the forums are, this thread is pretty much what they mean. Some dude in FearlesS on Vashj got shot in real life, and then someone from No Guild started picking a fight with him ingame (he logged on.. via laptop from a hospital bed... to tell his guild he couldn't raid) and said some mean things. And neither of them backs down in the thread to worry about more important things -- you know, like getting shot. Just wacky.
  • Kellun, my friend, beggars can't be choosers, and making a "recruit me" thread on the forums is basically begging. You probably can't get into a "better than good" guild by not actually putting in an application and just expecting them to come to you. But good luck anyway.
  • Sabal, the GM of Inner Circle on Gurubashi, was pretty unhappy when his starting team of raiders decided to ditch his guild and form their own, called Forged in Fury. In fact, he was so unhappy that he decided to put up a post on Inner Circle's website, portraying the exiting raiders as mentally handicapped. We're also told that after they all /gquit, he apparently gave them a week to come back before being "blacklisted." FoF thought that was pretty funny: why would they leave and then decide they want back in right away? They're off farming 10-man Naxx and OS, and working their way through The Eye.
  • We hear that Holy Hand Grenade of Durotan also suffered a "mass exodus" this week to a new guild called Wolf's Dragoons. We hear the leaving members could no longer tolerate what they saw as a "complete lack of raiding." Good times.
  • When Killborn swore he didn't ninja any gear, Wickleer went all Internet detective... and proved it. He even gets a confession on page 2, too, and we had the exact same though as Snivs: "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and that dog!"
  • Frampton and Sinapse of Dominance on Winterhoof-A apparently ruined a VoA 25 man raid by disbanding it while the rest of the raid had Archavon at 10% this week. One of them was apparently camping Darkmoon, and the other was farming Elementals, we hear. Fortunately, Battalion and Fayt from the guild Reloaded reinvited everyone else back to a raid group, recleared the trash, and downed Archavon.
  • Tankserious appears on Nordrassil recruiting for a "hardcore" raiding guild, but the locals there don't exactly see his gear as hardcore. Things are pretty genial... until someone from Tank's old server, Whisperwind, shows up to trash his reputation. After that, things go downhill -- Finncan examines some old reputations, and discovers Tank's "intensive" BC raiding isn't all it's cracked up to be. Tank doesn't quit, and eventually they're pulling out old alts and discussing the fact that he's apparently a professor at a university (though which one, we're not sure). Good read.
  • True Blood of Malkier of Mok'Nathal cleared all content in Wrath, and then went to finish up the only instance they'd never cleared. After an hour of killing bosses, they got up to Kil'Jaeden, and holy moly, they got the server first of Thori'dal. That is definitely still a nice reason to run Sunwell.
  • Pernicious on Lightninghoof-H downed KT and Saph on Heroic, skipping right over Sapph on normal. "Oh well," they say. They also currently are looking for a Boomkin.
  • Out of Context on Blackwater Raiders downed Malygos, and have now officially cleared all 10-man content while a second group cleared the Spider and Plague wings on the same night. They are now recruiting to fill out their 25 man team, especially ranged DPS and healers (please apply on the website).
  • Creatures of Honor (EU Runetotem-H) cleared Spider Wing, Plague Wing, 2/3 Military Wing and Patchwerk in their first week of raiding Naxx. They are a long time social guild just starting raiding, so grats!
  • The Death Bringers on Azjol Nerub-H have successfully downed Sapphiron for the first time. Theynow only have Kel'thuzad remaining to have fully cleared Naxx 25.
  • Balance of Judgement on EU Darkmoon Faire-A downed Archavon in both 10 and 25-man mode, and then went into OS and dropped Sartharion as well. Grats!
  • Awry on Cenarius downed Kel'thuzad on their first ever pull in Heroic this past week! Way to go.
  • Pride of the Alliance on EU Turalyon cleared Naxx 10's Quarters and are aiming at Sapphiron and KT. 25 mans are also on the menu soon.
  • Clam Stackers of Ravencrest downed Malygos. They are a small, but very well organized and active, new guild on the server, and are presently looking for 1-2 more ranged DPS to join the raids.
  • I Know Brubaker IRL (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Frostmane downed all of Naxx 10 after only three weeks. Congrats!
  • Los Rudos is a casual Firetree-H guild composed primarily (but not exclusively) of Spanish speaking players. In their first week of raiding, they had Vault, OS and full Naxx clears, mostly with one shots. Malygos is on notice for next time. They're not officially recruiting, but if you're on Firetree and speak Spanish, give them a shout and they'll chat with you on vent.
  • and Two Stealthed Rogues of Blade's Edge cleared Naxx 10 for the first time. They've also cleared out 25 man Plague and Arachnid Quarters, and Sarth 25 as well.
  • METTLE (server?) just had their first 10-man Malygos kill, and are now working on Sarth 2 and 3D. They're recruiting to beef up the 25-man raid, too -- they raid Monday through Thursday, and are seeking a Boomkin or Spriest, a Holy Priest, Elemental Shaman, and a Ret Pally.
  • Anathema on the Earthen Ring realm cleared out Malygos with a flawless victory (no deaths), and are headed to 25 soon. They're seeking healers to fill that one out -- they need you raiding at least two days a week. Apply on the website if interested.
  • The Departed on Haomarush downed Heigan the Unclean in 10 man Naxx after six of their members died in the first round of the safety dance. 31 minutes later, they got him down.
  • Atmosphere on Gilneas dropped Malygos with prejudice. They're farming everything else, and are setting their sights on Sarth 2 and 3D. Also recruiting: Resto and Elemental Shammies, Bear or Pally tank, a Boomkin, Spriest, and Unholy/Blood DK.
  • Stuffy Guys on the Shadowsong server has cleared Naxx all the way up to Sapph, and hope to drop him this week with the addition of a Paladin and the wonderful thing called Replenishment. Then, later in the week, they dropped Sapph, and got KT down to 10 percent. He's on notice.
  • Draconic Savant of Bloodscalp successfully became the first Alliance guild on the server to down Sartherion with 3 drakes remaining. Grats!
  • From the Internet, now on Dentarg, is rocking it: they've cleared everything, including Malygos, and are now working on Sarth 2 and 3D as well. Nice job.
  • Denial of Trollbane downed Sapph and two-shotted KT for their first Naxx-10 clear. Maly has been down to phase two, so he's on notice for next time. They may be recruiting as well for another 10-man team -- keep an eye on the website.
  • Eventide on EU Stormrage has been a little slow getting into the raid content -- they've had a few arguments, and lost at least one person to another guild. But they've carried on, and now Naxx, OS, and VoA are all cleared. The people who left their guild weren't quite so successful, we hear.
  • Paradise Lost on EU Khadgar finished off Malygos. That's them on all the dragons in the picture above.
  • Burnination (Darkspear-H) are celebrating their fourth anniversary on February 13th. Congrats! They're working on Malygos and Sarth+1, and just heading into Naxx 25. Good luck.
  • Birkana on Hellscream-H is currently recruiting casual players. They have Monday evenings set as guild night, and are looking to do a second weeknight as well -- they do achievements, instances, PvP, and everything else. Most of the members are 74+, so if you want to join them as they work towards the endgame, look them up.
  • Brute Force on Amanthul is a dedicated, hardworking guild, focused on experiencing WotLK raid content. They have currently cleared all 10 and 25 man content including Sarth 3D and are looking forward to pushing through Ulduar and beyond. They raid four times a week, and require at least 75% attendance -- specifically, they need a Warlock, a few Holy Pallies, and a Feral Druid.
  • Big Stick Diplomacy is an Alliance guild on Maelstrom looking for fresh blood to help them progress in Naxx, run Heroics, and "just have fun BSing in guild chat, regardless of level."
  • Echoes In Eternity on Dunemaul-A is looking to recruit any Australasian players or anyone up late anywhere else (they're run by Aussies). They are in casual Heroics right now and gearing up for raids.
  • Band of Thorns of Vek'nilash is currently looking for Priests, an Enhancement Shaman, and a Holy Pally to help with casual 25-man raiding. So far, they've cleared Sartharion, Sarth + 1, and all of Naxx 25.
  • Sons of Veritas on Nordrasil-A is looking to recruit about 15-20 more people to have a second 10-man raid, and to prepare for 25-mans. They're looking primarily for healers and all classes and specs of DPS.
  • Forgotten Soldiers on Anvilmar is recruiting -- they have about 300 members, but don't kick for inactivity, so they have about 20 players on during any given day. They're not a raiding or PvP guild -- instead, they do a little bit of everything. Their goal is to have each others' backs and help fellow guildies. If interested, hip up the website and fill out an app.
  • Dawn of Distorted Light is recruiting on Shu'Halo-A. They're a social guild looking for Priests and Tanks. Please be mature, ready to help with PvE progression, and willing to support the guild.
  • Brotherhood of Nod of the Duskwood server is looking for mature and fun loving players who want to run Heroics and 10 mans on weekends (mainly Sundays). Right now, they need healers and DPS.
  • Tersus Satus on Lightbringer-A is recruiting a little bit of everything to round out their 25 man raiding ranks.
    Their goal as a guild is to keep the discipline, teamwork and preparedness of a serious raiding guild while still having time for families and friends outside the game.
  • Feel Good Inc on Bronzebeard-A is recruiting a bear tank, and several DPS as they work their way to a second 10-man raid team with an eye on 25 mans. Currently, they're 8/15 in Naxx after only two weeks of raiding.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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