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Henry Hatsworth's outrageous bosses revealed


The latest screens and info of the bizarre, wonderful Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure illustrate some of the interaction between the platforming on the top screen and the block puzzle game on the bottom. The newly-revealed "outrageous world-ending bosses" all have the ability to manipulate the puzzle screen in some way, making it harder for players to use puzzle pieces to power Henry up.

"Lady D" here sends spores down into the bottom screen that sprout vines and fix your blocks in place. Barrel-chested Lance Banson puts music-note blocks in the bottom screen that do ... something (MTV Multiplayer was under embargo related to some gameplay details). The third boss -- well, we don't know what he does with the puzzles, but he's an old guy in a wheelchair who is used as a melee weapon by his giant caretaker, which means he's worth mentioning.

Henry Hatsworth joins the comically overcrowded DS lineup in March!


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