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House of the DIY: Make your own Overkill wallpaper


Even if you're already playing The House of the Dead: Overkill today, we suggest you take a few minutes off from clicking the Wiimote at zombies and click the mouse at them instead.

Overkill Poster Creator, Sega's new promotional site for Headstrong Games' spinoff, is an online tool that lets users arrange official backgrounds, art, and slogans into a wallpaper image, which is then made available for download in three different sizes. All the art assets can be resized, and everything can have separate filters applied, all from a simple Flash interface.

The image above is our humble effort, made in about five minutes. It wouldn't even have taken that long, except we kept trying to make funny ones and they kept coming out cool. We eventually just gave up on trying to subvert the thing and made one we actually like.


[Via GayGamer]

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