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Lumines Supernova 'Classic' pack coming to PSN Feb. 12

Jem Alexander

Lumines Supernova may have only just released in Europe last week, but those who've had it for a while -- we're looking at you, North America and Asia -- will be receiving some new downloadable content for the PSN game this Thursday. The"Classic Skins Pack" will offer 20 skins from the original PSP version of Lumines at a price of $4.99. We've asked Q Entertainment for a list of the skins, if only to confirm the presence of "Shinin'" and yell at / praise the company accordingly.

With the release of this DLC pack, the regular LittleBigPlanet update, rhythm game add-ons and ThatGameCompany's zen-em-up, Flower, the 12th is looking to be quite expensive. Judging by Sony's "Spring Fever" lineup, these bulky updates will continue in the upcoming weeks.

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