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Mega64's mantastic H.A.W.X. ad serves up L.O.L.Z.


Even if you have no idea what H.A.W.X is (it's about Tom Clancy flying airplanes, right?), Mega64's promotional video for the game is a delight. As is often the case for most Mega64 videos, we don't want to say too much about the content and risk ruining your special memory of seeing it for the first time. We will say that the group has managed to make a video that is manlier than even the Tom Clanciest game.

Chances are, one question will be dominating your thoughts after you watch this: where can I get that song? Good news! Anticipating the riotous clamor for the background music, the Mega64 boys have made an MP3 available at their site.

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